365 Beats. Obra Social San Juan de Dios

Experiences to think and take action


  • Living on the streets is the result of a chain of circumstances that anyone could experience: exclusion from the labour market, deterioration of social support networks, loss of resources. No one is exempt from suffering residential exclusion.

  • Mental disorders are very present in our society. Yet a huge stigma is attached to these illnesses and to the people who suffer from them. We all run the risk of suffering from a mental illness. In fact, one in four people suffers from a mental disorder throughout their life.

  • Attention to hospitalized children combines the technical aspect of medical care with the human and comprehensive care to the children and their families. The European Chart on the Right of Hospitalized Children shows that hospitalization of children bears differential characteristics to those of adults. And in this sense we must use all the strategies available to make the experience of the illness as positive as possible.

  • Age, illness or other circumstances may limit the independence of some people, either temporarily or permanently, creating the need for specific support in a particular area. Caring for people who have become dependent on support is one of the greatest challenges in our society, due to the recent demographic and social changes.

  • Life and death are part of the essence of every living being. Everybody has the right to an adequate pain treatment , as well as comprehensive palliative care, and to to go through the process of death with dignity. But although death is a taboo topic in our society, awareness of it is being reintroduced in a natural and gradual way.

  • Disability is the situation that results from the interaction between people with deficiencies likely to be permanent, and any barriers that limit or prevent their full and effective participation in society on equal terms with other people.

  • A favourable social environment is essential to make the reality of groups such as the homeless, and people with mental health problems as normal as possible.  So, whether it be a famous person who speaks openly of these realities, or an anonymous person who by certain circumstances has experienced them, both help to understand different dimensions of the same reality.

  • Saint John of God is an institution with more than 500 years of history, that has maintained with conviction hospitality an invaluable and vital core activity: it welcomes, supports and is totally committed to those who need it most.