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"Friends are an important cornerstone for a process of long illness"

Hospitalized children
End of life
Estela Campañávoluntària

"Friends are an important cornerstone for a process of long illness"

Hospital Maternoinfantil SJD
Teaching materials: 
Questions to think about: 
  • Què creus que aporta al malalt les visites a l'hospital durant una malaltia llarga?                        
  • Per què penses que la mare diu que el més important són els amics?

L'Estela, mare del Pol, mort fa tres anys per un tumor de desenvolupament, explica la importància dels amics quan algú pateix durant temps el procés d'una  llarga malaltia. El Pol va estar 6 anys lluitant contra un càncer que finalment no va poder superar. Però el suport dels seus amics va ser vital per poder viure aquest temps més enllà de la malaltia. 

Hospitalized children
Learning objectives
  • Understand the situations of children with chronic illnesses
  • Interpret emotions and feelings that come from the situation of a sick child
  • Reflect upon and critically defend the rights listed in the European Charter of Children's Rights      
  • Be conscious of our responsibility in dealing with children with chronic illness
  • Recognize the possibility of doing something to help this cause
  • Actively participate in service projects to help
Advice on material use

This material is for public use and is presented as a combination of activities that are designed to work for many different categories and spaces. At the end of each activity, you will find a box with the methodological tools that will help you participate more in each proposal. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of activities so that the educators can adapt them to their own curriculum. 

It is reccomended to view multiple videos about the topic before doing the activities.

Related skills
  • Communicative, linguistic, and audiovisual competency
  • Process information and digital competency
  • Global awareness and competency
  • Social competency
  • Personal competency
  • Artistic and cultural competency