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Experiences to think and take action

"I'm trying to be a supportive partner"

Elizabel Gómezcolaborador solidario

"I'm trying to be a supportive partner"

Teaching materials: 
Questions to think about: 
  • Which is better, solidarity based on rationality or feeling?
  • To volunteer, do you always have to be able to teach something? Why?

I want to be more supportive than I am, because it really does help. When people leave from the center, they leave as friends, having made a difference in the lives of those that are in the center. 

Learning objectives
  • Conocer  la realidad que viven las personas mayores en nuestra sociedad.
  •  Acercarse al concepto de la dependencia.
  •  Analizar las dificultades y necesidades de este sector de la población.
  • Acabar con los estereotipos existentes respecto a la tercera edad.
  • Argumentar las razones de los propios comportamientos hacia las personas de la tercera edad.
  • Tomar consciencia de nuestra responsabilidad ante la realidad que viven las personas mayores.
  • Conocer proyectos de Aprendizaje servicio con personas de la tercera edad para reconocer la posibilidad de hacer cosas conjuntamente entre gente joven y personas mayores.



Advice on material use

This material is for public use and is presented as a combination of activities that are designed to work for many different categories and spaces. At the end of each activity, you will find a box with the methodological tools that will help you participate more in each proposal. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of activities so that the educators can adapt them to their own curriculum.

It is reccomended to view multiple videos about the topic before doing the activities.


 Se recomienda mirar unos cuantos latidos sobre el ámbito antes de realizar las actividades. 

Related skills
  • Competencia en comunicación lingüística
  • Tratamiento de la información y competencia digital
  • Competencia social y ciudadana
  • Competencia cultural y artística
  • Competencia para aprender a aprender
  • Autonomía e iniciativa personal