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Experiences to think and take action

"They are strict but tolerant"


"They are strict but tolerant"

Questions to think about: 
  • Is it dangerous for a person with a disability to justify their positions due to their disease? Why?
  • Why is it important to promote the acquisition of habits and establishing routines in the case of people with disabilities? 

People with mental disabilities or illnesses work to maintain a daily routine. For this reason, it is important to strictly control the basic rules of behavior in the workplace. Furthermore, this atmosphere facilitates learning of new skills and abilities. 

Learning objectives
  • Reconocer las formas que tenemos  de pensar y relacionarnos con el ámbito de la discapacidad intelectual.
  • Reflexionar sobre la importancia del lenguaje en determinados ámbitos.
  • Abordar y humanizar las diferentes realidades sociales, compartiendo vivencias y opiniones.
  • Transferir las reflexiones y formas de relación con este  colectivo en la vida cotidiana.
  • Conocer posibles acciones de implicación en nuestro entorno.
Advice on material use

This material is for public use and is presented as a combination of activities that are designed to work for many different categories and spaces. At the end of each activity, you will find a box with the methodological tools that will help you participate more in each proposal. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of activities so that the educators can adapt them to their own curriculum.

It is reccomended to view multiple videos about the topic before doing the activities.

Related skills
  • Competencia en comunicación lingüística
  • Tratamiento de la información y competencia digital
  • Competencia social y ciudadana
  • Competencia cultural y artística
  • Competencia para aprender a aprender
  • Autonomía e iniciativa personal