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Experiences to think and take action

"When you're on the street you can not think clearly"

Manelvolunteer and ex-user

"When you're on the street you can not think clearly"

Questions to think about: 
  • To what extent do you think the economic crisis hinders the homeless who deal with this situation?
  • Do you agree that to be happy we need to have our basic necessities met? What are the bare necessities for you?

When you´re on the street you can only focus on daily survival on the street. Those who stay in the hostel here are treated very well, and are given the necessities to live their lives. 

Learning objectives
  • Construct a multifaceted vision about the phenomenon of homelessness in our society
  • Analyze the causes, consequences, and ways of intervention in this field
  • Confront and give human qualities to the different social networks, sharing experiences and opinions
  • Be conscious of our responsibility to change the problem of people on the streets
  • Figure out possible actions to help
Advice on material use

This material is for public use and is presented as a combination of activities that are designed to work for many different categories and spaces. At the end of each activity, you will find a box with the methodological tools that will help you participate more in each proposal. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of activities so that the educators can adapt them to their own curriculum.

It is reccomended to view multiple videos about the topic before doing the activities.

Related skills
  • Communicative, linguistic, and audiovisual competency
  • Process information and digital competency
  • Global awareness and competency
  • Social competency
  • Personal competency
  • Artistic and cultural competency